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Industry of chemical industry of national punish coal grows blindly

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According to deputy secretary-general of Chinese oil and chemical industry association Feng world good people introduces, to 2010, chinese coal makes oil produce can will amount to 1.5 million tons of / year, 2 armour aether is 5 million tons of / year, coal makes alkene be 1.4 million tons of / year, coal makes methanol be 16 million tons of / year.

Recently, standing conference passes the State Council " a certain number of opinions that develop about promoting Ningxia economy society further " put forward, want to build Ning Dong area base of property of chemical industry of national level coal, very big echo is caused in industry of chemical industry of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Ningxia plan should be in did not come ten years build base of the Asia's largest coal chemical industry.

A few days ago, report of optional location of area of concentration of industry of chemical industry of coal of city of guest of Sichuan province appropriate and development program evaluation can pass first trial, skin of the bamboo of first selection of base of coal chemical industry presses down even the county boat field location. According to the program, to 2015, base of chemical industry of appropriate guest coal will change coal quantity to amount to 10 million tons of / year, form it is a foundation with coal chemical industry, it is ligament with methanol, with new-style and clean fuel 2 armour aether, methanol makes deep treatment of propylene and propylene, acetic acid and glycol wait for end item, make its become one of base of large coal chemical industry of Sichuan province and even southwest.

Pace of chemical industry of coal of Shanxi of big province of the sources of energy also is being accelerated. According to introducing, national development invested company and Shanxi province to sign agreement of framework of collaboration of economic domain strategy a few days ago, predict to will be in 10 years indrawn Shanxi saves future to add investment newly to make an appointment with 80 billion yuan, devote oneself to to build " coal, water, report, change " area of demonstrative garden of economy of loop of coal chemical industry, in order to form " coal, water, report, methanol, olefin " industrial catenary, deep treatment changes the on the spot that realizes coal natural resources, form catenary of industry of coal chemical industry, industry finally group, promotion Shanxi saves industry of coal chemical industry to develop a standard.

In view of a few places project of chemical industry of coal of blind mount a horse, aggravate resource, zoology and environmental pressure, the country already decided to strengthen the government that expands to industry of coal chemical industry about the branch.

In industrial position side, encourage development of estate of chemical industry of coal of area of continue of coal natural resources, measurable arrangement offers the construction of project of chemical industry of coal division coal, limitation transfers into the development of industry of area coal chemical industry. In the meantime, encourage development coal to make the product such as chemical fertilizer; Develop coal to make the oil such as aether of oily, methanol, 2 armour, olefin replace a product steadily; The standard develops the product of high-energy bad news such as calcium carbide, coke.
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