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Divine horse nylon technology of 66 filature equipment is advanced

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Recently, the fiber of one factory makes industrial company former silk new and high technology below division of group of Henan god horse experiments the line drives successful, a tube high grade former silk from full automatic the success on winding machine is rolled out. This mark is worn this company is in nylon obtained major breakthrough on 66 filature technology and equipment, had have international to precede 66 filature produce horizontal nylon device.

As we have learned, product line of filature of company of estate of divine Ma Shi all the time Xu Huacheng company of 80 time Japan spins the century on continue to use pull manufacturing mode, tiny bit an existence refrigeration is inhomogenous problem, draft hind lacks sufficient flabby heat to finalize the design, become restrict product structure to optimize, spin those who make product of fiber of new and high technology " bottleneck " . To overcome this limitation, company of estate of divine Ma Shi will develop line of test of fiber of new and high technology to label a key to tackle key problem project. At the beginning of this year, established associated filature ability to change tackle key problem group, specific aim ground was made tackle key problem target and specific executive plan. Through half an year much ability changes tackle key problem, realized nylon eventually the major breakthrough of 66 filature technology and equipment.

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