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Daqing refine dissolves polymer one factory is contended for do benefit large fa

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Qing Lian dissolves company polymer one factory is strengthening careful management, optimize an operation, in advancing science and technology to start effect process continuously, the ceaseless Pansheng that realizes yield gain falls again with what the sources of energy uses up, become Daqing refine to influence famous benefit large family.

Up to on October 5, this factory accumulative total produces product of polypropylene acyl amine fifty-eight thousand nine hundred tons, than last year the corresponding period produces 5970 tons more; Integrated specific power consumption is oil of 228.35 kilogram mark / ton, lower than the plan 34.9 kilogram mark is oily / ton; Energy-saving water of coal of 5335 tons of mark, section 100 thousand tons, all complete year of plan 2 times; Achieve sales revenue 1.259 billion yuan, forty-three million eight hundred and one thousand seven hundred yuan taller than the plan.

This factory passes aggrandizement foundation management, tamp " 3 base " the job, carry out clean production, optimize the method such as manufacturing technology parameter, the science that drives production effectively is changed, specialization and standardization management. Finish early or late " negative pressure of machine of hydrolyze of device of polypropylene acyl amine is operated " , " vavuum pump of water of desalination of device of propylene acyl amine is changed model " wait to 18 technologies tackle key problem and transform a project. Undertake optimizing to the craft parameter of propylene nitrile device, small organic thing gas promotes tower T - 504 evaporate steam consumption falls from 2500kg/h to 2000kg/h, receive year of managing vapour 3612 tons, section water 3955 tons, energy-saving the favorable result of coal of 392 tons of mark. The liquid waste that controls each apparatus strictly produces an amount, burn a volume through reducing the liquid waste of F-301, cogent the wastage that reduces gas.

To assure energy-saving achieve effect to obtain the result, the talent resource advantage that this factory produces technology and station staff adequately, do tackle key problem, press a carring pole, carry out activity of change of a series of technology innovations, small make down, repair and utilize old or discarded things. The sealed water of the T-304 of hermetically sealed can of device of propylene acyl amine of innovation is brought to reclaim after the little reform that pump P-311 gives stair of water of pump housing refrigeration, aggrandizement to use is carried out, every months of managing and fresh water 216 tons, reduce a liquid waste every months 200 tons.

This plant personnel will be energy-saving, decrease a platoon, achieve effect to regard as the behavior habit in producing the life daily, accomplish a person to walk along the lamp to destroy, the person goes a powerful person to close, from managing for a time report, a water is made, form " I have energy-saving section water duty, managing the sources of energy I am glorious " good general mood.
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