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Tubing of steel of domestic X80 excel in tries press a success

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On October 2, conduit ministry of second line project is in one company on the west 5A mark Duan Jin goes 13.7 kilometers experiment paragraph try pressure score a success. This is home solder to tubing of steel of X80 excel in first undertake trying pressing.

On September 8, one company is in conduit on the west mark of second line 5A paragraph undertake to 13.7 kilometers cop the ball measures way connecting, will finish conduit affusion on September 23. On September 30, in inspect manage, owner, government is supervised, below the guidance of EPC project ministry, press cop to begin affusion step up to trying. Achieve pressure test pressure when pressure 30% , appearance of examination stopping pump and valve are not had divulge succeed add step up. Before dawn pressure will rise to try intensity of pressure to spend an examination not to have leak to the regulation on October 1, the pressure test after 4 hours ends stabilized voltage. On October 2, experiment of 24 hours of close sexes ends. The program that whole process asks completely by the programme of construction is carried out, try control demand of result up to specification, the mark is worn experiment paragraph try pressure score a success.

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