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Hopeful of next year economy continues to develop smoothly

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Courtyard of Chinese company division held a few days ago " analysis of Chinese economic situation and forecast autumn seminar " on, the expert thinks, economy of next year our country still can maintain smooth steady rapidder progress.
Multiple and advantageous element is propped up

National statistic bureau chief engineer Zheng Jingping thinks, economy of next year whole world adds fast meeting to glide, area of the United States, euro, Japan is in the brim of decline, confidence of the exit of this pair of our country and investment, consumption can be affected somewhat, but need to be able to produce bigger effect inside our country. Want macroscopical adjusting control to answer only proper, our country economy can maintain flat steady rapidder growth below complex environment, next year GDP is added fast won't under 9% , CPI goes up a conference is apparently small this year.

The State Council develops brook of Li Bo of research center researcher to point out, economy of next year our country still has the good and basic side of driving development, the inherent power that basically is economic progress is very good, rise for a long time what expression drives industrialization in informatization posture, grow changed dweller to consume demand and corresponding market potential continuously, tall deposit of the dweller and exuberant investment demand form the many respects such as the support to development.

The State Council develops Li Shan of research center researcher to also think together, although pressure of economic be issued to lower levels is greater, but the overall trend that economy maintains rapid growth does not have a change, still be in fast growth phase. Although labor cost rises, but labour force quality rises, the situation of labour force have more than needed does not have a change, the product is more competitive; Domestic demand vacuum is giant, low income crowd enters the space on farmer income especially very big, company business ability rises ceaselessly. These maintained rapidder growth to create a condition for economy.

Adjusting control policy needs to be adjusted neatly

Company division courtyard released a few days ago " analysis of Chinese economic situation and forecast reported Summer 2008 " proposal, produce the integrated effect of all sorts of adjusting control policy. At present deposit reserve is led taller, when delay of inflationary pressure hasten, it has adjust a space certainly. In addition, interest rate, tax rate can be made in time according to domestic and international circumstance adjust; In finance policy respect, want to adjust government spending structure, invest strength through enhancing a government moderately, assure the necessary standard that whole society always invests; The medium and small businesses with good prospect of tall to technical content, market should continue to provide each respect support.

Zheng Jingping suggests, adjust exit to withdraw tax rate, help enterprise reduces the impact that exports slow down in demand; Manufacturing industry investment wants to be given priority to with innovation, structural adjustment; Infrastructure investment should make good project reserve, mount a horse can be started quickly when need; Continue to enlarge cheap to hire room investment with finance natural resources. In addition, reduce tax appropriately, tibet abounds civilian; Adopt measure to improve an enterprise to live environment.   
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