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Waste gas or steam of plant of Taurus share cement reclaims powdery makings syst

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End of kiln of plant of cement of Heibei Taurus share off-gas treatment system reclaims powdery makings is carried transform a project to score a success recently, make raw material grinds hourly output to raise 20~30 not only ton, and the power consumption that reduced raw material to grind, year achieve economic benefits to be in 1.9 million yuan of above.
Transform plan to promote machine exit to be added additionally in original waste gas certainly install to carry a system, make kiln promotion plane is entered directly after answering powdery classics to carry inclined chamfer, reclaim to off-gas treatment system cent makings undertakes alone and metric. The stock that system of consideration off-gas treatment reclaims is farinaceous makings, liquidity is better, the decision is added in exit of machine of waste gas promotion outfit is dynamoelectric a powerful person of makings of 3 reduction of fractions to a common denominator, make waste gas no longer outside row, implementation is used circularly.
As we have learned, design of product line of existing and new-style grog working a way builds home to all answer pink for off-gas treatment form of direct put in storage, this is transformed belong to creativity to produce craft and equipment to transform, still count initiate in domestic existing product line. Transformed success has directiveness to the design of product line of new-style grog working a way, right the construction of cement product line and direction of off-gas treatment research all are having active and far-reaching effect henceforth.

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