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Suffer international oil price to drop affect weak potential of market of domest

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Price of current international coal falls defeat continuously, domestic coal price also is in weak force to move, the analyst thinks, suffer international oil price to drop influence, short-term inside market of domestic and international coal loses integral hasten.

Be issued to lower levels of weak potential of market of coal of near future China, rolled steel price falls situation do not decrease, coke price begins to hang, accordingly coking coal clinchs a deal extremely delicate also, price of coal of partial zone coking plant begins to reduce, e Er is much this 1/3 is anxious reduce 350 yuan / ton. Dynamical coal respect, haven inventory still is resided do not fall high, the price also has small to reduce. At present Great Harmony of Shanxi of harbor of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty actors or actress mixed coal (calorific quantity 6, 000 kilocalorie / kilogram) smooth storehouse price is 940 to 1, 000 yuan / ton, Shanxi actor is mixed (calorific quantity 5, 500 kilocalorie / kilogram) for 860 reach 930 yuan / ton, Shanxi is mixed greatly (calorific quantity 5, 000 kilocalorie / kilogram) 780 reach 800 yuan / ton, common mixed coal (calorific quantity 4, 500 kilocalorie / kilogram) 640 reach 660 yuan / ton. Great Harmony area is current 5, car board contains 500 kilocalorie raw coal duty value 800 yuan / ton, lu brings a district 5, tram of 500 kilocalorie report board price 420 yuan / ton; Heibei summit summit 5, 000 kilocalorie meager lean coal car board price 700 yuan / ton; The area austral Anhui the Huaihe River 5, ground of coal of 000 kilocalorie motivation sells price 930 yuan / ton, xuzhou area 5, car of 000 kilocalorie raw coal board price 920 yuan / ton.

Coking coal respect, shanxi Taiyuan area 10 class advocate market price of cooking coal, rich coal 2, 100 yuan / ton; Shanxi faces Fen area 10 class are fat tram board market price 2, 100 yuan / ton; Er of Inner Mongolia another name for Hubei province Duoside area 1/3 is anxious tram board contains duty value 1, 700 yuan / ton, heibei Xing stage carry of steam of cooking coal of 7 class 1/3 trades valence 2, 100 yuan / ton; Heibei opens Luan 11 class cooking coal leaves factory the price that contain tax 2, 100 yuan / ton; 7 class of Shandong Tai'an enrage tram board price 1, 860 yuan / ton; Jujube village 1/3 is anxious tram board contains duty value 1, 880 yuan / ton. North of Anhui the Huaihe River car of cooking coal of 9 class 1/3 board price 1, 880 yuan / ton; Heilongjiang chicken on the west area car of 10 class rich coal board price 1, 800 yuan / ton. Gush plays coal side, smokeless gush blows area of Shanxi in relief spring tram board price 1, 500 yuan / ton; Long control an area high grade gush blows coal price 1, 390 yuan / ton to 1, 650 yuan / or so tons. Smokeless gush blows area of Heibei summit summit tram board price 1, 350 yuan / ton; Smokeless gush blows Shaanxi yellow hill tram board price 750 yuan / ton.

While Chinese coal price appears the potential of exalted fall after a rise, international coal price also falls defeat nearly a few weeks continuously. On October 3 international coal price relatively drop at the beginning of September nearly 25% , dropping main reason is, price of futures of American crude oil falls defeat continuously last week, the demand to coal was controlled on certain level. At present the change of oil price of international of coal price be enslaved to be enslaved to, oil price of near future international is moving in to drop passageway, can produce certain effect to coal price.
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