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Liang Wengen: Have unripe year do not abandon 31 control advantageous position a

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With " Baidu " search and 31 heavy industry (600031, ) " Liang Wengen " relevant article has forty-four thousand one hundred, with " Xiang Wenbo " relevant article has sixty-eight thousand eight hundred. Although not as good as Xiang Wenbo " famous " , but one of author that serve as 31 groups, liang Wengen owns the 31 groups equity of 58.54 % , indirect hold 31 heavy industry the equity of 61.29 % . Liang Wengen just is the effective control person of 31 groups.
The university graduated 1983, liang Wengen is allocated state-operated enterprise -- Hong Yuan machinery plant, got acquainted with the author of a few 31 groups such as Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu, Yuan Jinhua in succession.
"Break reality, escape Hong Yuan wins namely. " 1985, the 4 people collective such as Liang Wengen resigns, put forward " establish top-ranking company, train top-ranking talented person, make top-ranking contribution " poineering ideal.
Did not have " iron rice bowl-a secure job " , 4 people must solve bread problem above all. They were made " peddle a sheep " the business, understand thoroughly ability finally however for lack of mature market information and fail. "We peddled a sheep to fail, go making wine, failed again, make fibre glass then, still fail. " memory " fugitive " the hardships at the beginning of, liang Wengen is concealed none.
In failure, they jump over Zhan Yueyong. At the beginning of 1986, firm root understands bridge to solder data market demands exceeds supply at that time, there are 3 people in 4 people learn material major, still have in in south the teacher that respect of university material major has contribution quite Professor Di Dengke is directive, energy of life of they are this bottom is very, through arriving from kin friend collect tens of thousands of yuan of money, immediately establishs pond of ripples source cogongrass to solder material factory, this is the predecessor of 31 groups.
September 1991, liang Wengen the company more the name is Hunan Province 31 groups limited company, with the enthusiasm to the career and persistence, flourishing of 31 outstanding achievement. In the meantime, to seek vaster development space, liang Wengen made " double into " the strategy: Enter central town -- Changsha; Enter big industry -- equipment manufacturing industry, enter project machinery manufacturing industry above all.
1993, 31 groups decide to regard the dominant product of the enterprise as concrete machinery, in the meantime, remove the enterprise to Changsha from ripples source city, "Old product has to find big market. " Liang Wengen explains business development strategy is simple and accurate.
Liang Wengen is managing the consolidate step by step when 31 groups. 10 years of time, 31 groups make a trade in machinery not only dovish base oneself upon, and the leading sheep that made a trade. On July 3, 2003, subsidiary 31 heavy industry appear on the market successfully, also be open of 31 groups success the door of capital.
Be aimed at the preparation before appearing on the market, liang Wengen did the two tactics that appears on the market in Hong Kong or Shanghai to plan at the same time actually. He says: "The city of Hong Kong stock market is filled with at that time rate in 13 times the left and right sides, by market experience computative, if 31 heavy industry go to harbor to appear on the market can obtain quotations of 10 times hair to be filled with rate.
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