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Couplet weighs division president in Zhan Chun is new: Round ⒐ and pilfer of Ou

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On July 8, 18 orgnaizations in 21 orgnaizations give in couplet heavy division (13.27, - 0.11, - 0.82% , ) higher investment grade, target price interval is 17.55 - 30 yuan. 7 days, couplet heavy division says in, as a result of advocate the sales revenue of battalion product rises substantially compared to the same period, predict net first half of the year gain relatively go up 50%-100% of year of growth of the corresponding period.
"Couplet weighs family business to already extended the many domains such as machinery of a heavy, concrete, environmental sanitation, road surface, cubic meter of earth from original and pure concrete machinery in, become the project machinery company with domestic product most at present complete catenary. " Liu flourish analysis says researcher of industry of the negotiable securities that enrol business, in recent years, couplet is weighed in of the division buy for many times aid its complete industrial chain.
On July 10, couplet heavy division buys Italian CIFA in -- the whole world manufacturer of machine of the 3rd concrete -- second reading high on shareholder plenary meeting bank note is passed.
"2008 is medium the sprint of couplet year, we bought Shaanxi early or late the enterprise with factory of bridge of car of new Huang Gong, Hunan, Italy Home CIFA3 domestic and international. These are bought is around project machine advocate course of study, perfected industrial catenary further, connected domestic and international market. " in president of couplet heavy division holds CEO Zhan Chun concurrently new tell a reporter.
Since 2001, couplet weighs division general in in a series of company income bursa: England keeps plant of machine tool of Lu Jie, Hunan, win the bid industrial (environmental sanitation is mechanical) , Pu Yuan group (automobile crane) , Shaanxi is new Huang Gong (cubic meter of earth is mechanical) , CIFA of factory of Hunan car bridge, Italy (concrete is mechanical) ...
Abroad buy
Buying Italian CIFA is medium couplet heavy division becomes silent old hind move once more abroad.
June, with in the international group that couplet heavy division heads costs 271 million euro to buy Italian CIFA -- company of machinery of concrete of global rank tertiary -- 100% equity, among them, couplet heavy division accuses in 60% , fund of Gao Cheng, graceful Dalin, great firm investment 3 domestic general in all hold CIFA40% equity.
Come nearly 3 years, year of compound increase rate that CIFA sells achieve about 20% . 2007, the business income of CIFA achieved 304 million euro, profit 17.2 million euro. The 50% above of income of its major servicing distributing to be mixed in Italy Europe.
"CIFA has 900 much people only, 2007, plan enter car batholith income 2 billion, the income of the company adds up 50 much RMBs ah. This has couplet concrete machine together in 3000 much people, income was 3.5 billion RMB 2007. " Zhan Chun is breaking a finger newly to calculate. "After buying CIFA, plan next, reserve double brand in the market, with respect to the whole world character, CIFA is high-end brand, couplet is medium in low end brand. Couplet is medium in low end brand..
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