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Zhangde of president of Anhui join forces enters: Before the target enters the w

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Walk into the assembly room of Anhui join forces, the picture on the wall is showing the scene when the company will inspect before many national leader all around. Among them, the photograph of product of join forces forklift drives when a piece of Hu Jintao's secretary-general inspects at the beginning of this year, particularly conspicuous.
Development of 50 years, pour into is worn the sweat of the leader's consideration and worker, "Join forces " the calling card that made Chinese forklift trade. Today economy of such a world are turbulent aggravate, domestic manufacturing industry faces the hour of tremendous transition pressure, is join forces person having what kind of answer? Having to future what kind of look forward to? Taking these question, reporter special interview Zhang Dejin of president of Anhui join forces, this doors of 45 years old of palm of Anhui join forces that are full of enthusiasm person.
Dye-in-the-wood to growing confidence
Speak of the development of whole forklift industry, zhang Dejin was full of confidence.
According to introducing, as development of our country industrialized process, manpower cost rises ceaselessly, content shedding carries the demand to mechanical equipment to increase, from 2002 later, domestic forklift industry enters phase of rapid development speed. Because domestic various places develops disequilibrium, at present some areas already may enter phase of the later period in industrialization, some areas just just are entered, be exemple criterion with mid area is more apparent be in phase of an industrialized metaphase, because this is whole,the market maintained a rapidder growth to the demand of forklift.
"The economic norms chart since from us the company appeared on the market 1996 looks, arrived this one phase, growth curve becomes more abrupt. " Zhang Dejin says, "It is home not only, on international overall also have bigger growth. 10 years ago, the whole world adds industrial traffic amount newly every year to be less than 600 thousand, at present this one word achieves many 90. It is with China exemple, was less than 20 thousand in the past, and the selling quantity of new last year car is in achieved 110 thousand. And the selling quantity of new last year car is in achieved 110 thousand..
Rise to the cost that at present manufacturing industry cares quite problem, zhang Dejin says frankly: "Cost rises nearly two years to exist all the time, 2008 is more outstanding. I think this is an inevitable trend, also be a reasonable trend. Rise at present rate is rapidder, to join forces a such gross profit are led relatively reasonable, technology, management has the enterprise of certain foundation to feel pressure is greater, because this is opposite,the concussion of whole manufacturing industry still is bigger. The company also is in at present face actively, adopt a few significant step to dissolve the pressure of this respect. Adopt a few significant step to dissolve the pressure of this respect..
It is reported, average price is in the product of join forces to will rise once April, extent does not exceed 5% , to whether still will raise price, zhang Dejin expresses to still cannot decide now.
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