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Jade Chai Yanping is obtained " year is optimal president of engine company CEO/

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Get automobile industry attention fully " battle array of complete star of car of 2008 year China " , the evaluation group that through major of reporter of industry expert, media and part the reader forms is layer upon layer choose, already announced a result a few days ago, yan Ping of president of jade bavin group is judged to be " year is optimal president of engine company CEO/ " .
Sponsor by Chinese car newspaper office, seminar of Chinese car talent assist do " battle array of Chinese car complete star " selection activity is Chinese automobile group have one of professional character, selection activities that provide power of the consequence, look up before be being provided most most most. This activity since since was being held 2004, this year have been the 5th. "Battle array of complete star of car of 2008 year China " character of force of the look up before including man of the time of year figure, year, year to be provided most, year is optimal and own president of CEO/ of optimal engine company waits for president of brand enterprise CEO/ , year 22 award, it is overall record past a year automobile industry is changeable, develop idea of car company high level pulsatile, make Chinese automobile industry the elite of reputable industry leader is met.
2007, sales revenue breaks through jade bavin 18 billion yuan, quantity of diesel engine produce and sale breaks through 500 thousand, occupy countrywide first place 7 years continuously, only plant of certain room world produces the coronal of sales volume. Since this year, jade bavin carries the development state with benign high speed, obtained first half of the year not the achievement of common, predicting sales revenue realizes 12.26 billion yuan, grow 37.5% compared to the same period, of end of the year that finish 53% . President comfort makes the same score establish " green develops, harmonious win-win " company core concept and " make world famous brand, make group of the large company that cross a state " the enterprise wishs scene, blow to " outstanding character, international jade bavin " marching bugle, realized the dilate of overseas market and the promotion that speak a volume not only, still run in industrial position, capital, the respect such as education of research and development of administrative innovation, product, talent strode to internationalization one stride.
"Battle array of Chinese car complete star " selection standard is innovation, outstanding achievement, responsibility, before look up force and consequence. Accordingly, yan Ping is obtained judge " year is optimal president of engine company CEO/ " , the height of the ability that large company controls to Yan Ping's individual inside since course of study and boldness is evaluated, also be course of study inside to jade bavin this one engine is gotten army the height of the integrated competition ability of the enterprise is affirmative.

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