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In machinery of colliery of mouth of coal Zhang Jia is finite liability company

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The company is located in city of mouth of Zhang Jia of city of hill of north of the Great Wall, east adjacent capital Beijing, shanxi is received on the west, inside unconscious, be located in Beijing ferry look forward to and Jin Jimeng inside circle of two old economy, situation is advantageous. Gross area of corporation plant area 850 thousand square metre, produce an area to cover an area of nearly 500 thousand square metre among them, catenary of casting die of other linchpin fluid, cirque divides plant area twice, have railroad industrial siding 2141 meters.
4800 people of company existing worker. Among them personnel of of all kinds and professional technology 1050 people, have personnel of title of technology of advanced above major 270 people, personnel of title of intermediate and professional technology 449 people; Standing postdoctoral 2 people, 5 people of doctoral, 16 people of Master. Technology of the expert that enjoys governmental allowance, class that visit a department is excellent the 16 people such as the talent.
The company owns perfect and reliable production system, set catenary of product of hydraulic hydraulic pressure, cirque to make, motivation is supplied wait for 3 directly under to distinguish a works, cast, forging, solder, mechanism of treatment of gear cutting, structural member, heat treatment, decelerate is built, 8 directly under such as general assembly produce a workshop. Set technology of depart of fluid of Electromechanical equipment, solid, mine to use electric equipment 3 professional subsidiary, the development that pursues mine ground technically carrying equipment, mine to use switch product with filter press and mine and production.
The company is had perfect, Gao Shuiping's scientific research develops an orgnaization, have center of national level technology, country to approbate test lab and workstation of postdoctoral scientific research. The company is demonstrative unit of national Cad, Cims application, heibei saves enterprise informatization demonstrative unit.
Company dominant product uses scraper conveyer for working face of colliery mechanization coal mining, reprint the coal mining such as machine, crusher, coal plough, facility for transporting, the product shares 10 kinds big 82 series 500 many norms, the product pervades the whole nation big Bureau of Mines and each colliery, equipment of heavy-duty whole set still exports the part to wait for ten countries to Russia, India. In the meantime, the company is returned provide juice of conveyer of scraper of stone of industrial chain, casting, solid to the industry such as machine of mine, metallurgy, project the mechanical and electrical products such as crock of project of detached filter press, hydraulic pressure.
The company assumes a country to tackle key problem early or late project 11, project of scientific research of the class that visit a department 27, develop development to go out early or late rolling of 630/220, 764/264, 830/630 and cast groove to help × of series scraper conveyer, Sgz800/2 400, Sgz1000/2 × 700, Sgz1200/3 × 700 model of conveyer of scraper of high-power, high reliability and form a complete set reprint whole set of working face of machine, crusher to carry, multinomial product fill home is blank, multinomial technology wins national patent. Dominant product " Zhang Yuan card " scraper conveyer is obtained " product of countrywide user satisfaction " and " product of province famous brand " .
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