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Lei Wo of Heibei blessing cropland weighs machine Inc.

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Lei Wo of Heibei blessing cropland weighs machine Inc. (serious chance of abbreviation blessing cropland) held water on May 28, 2004, it is one is urban construction, city the equipment of modern heavy machinery that safety of content shedding, city, city government supplies systematic solution creates a company. The management center is located in area of capital Beijing Haidian, manufacturing plant is located in Heibei to visit piece of members of a family development of new and high technology.

Current, blessing cropland serious chance basically has urban construction, city safety of content shedding, city, city manages 4 kinds of big products, cover special car basically each domain.

Urban construction: Have pump of car of mixer, pump, full trailer, car to carry station of pump, agitate, automobile crane to wait for product of 6 old series.

Urban other people flows: Have car of semi-trailer, dump, lorry crane, cold storage to last car of car, cement of mail car, tank truck, bulk in all product of 7 old series.

Urban safety: Have the whole set such as fire control of eject of carbon dioxide, bubble, smoke evacuation, scaling ladder the whole set such as illume of fire control of common fire engine and illume, airport, logistics fire control, rush to deal with an emergency is special fire engine; Have standard type, litre fall model, transition coming back, common model, flat wait for car of whole set clear barrier; Have the whole set aerial work truck such as type of self-propelled, trailer.

Urban government: Have assemble and unassemble oneself, rotate board assemble and unassemble oneself series dumpcart; Have general, special kind of whole set aspiration, sweep road, aspersion, suck corrupt car.

Since blessing cropland serious chance holds water oneself, it is with drive city modernization oneself, innovate independently, science develops, make company core competition ability with all one's strength, each business got steadily healthy progress, market of concrete agitate carriage car is had rate jump rise to travel together for home course of study the 3rd, become a city to build other people of modern, city to shed safety of modern, city the driving force quantity with modern government of modern, city.

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