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Liang Wengen is obtained judge " 10 big market prise of Chinese manage year figu

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A few days ago, appear on the market by China company market prise manages a research center to initiate and the organization chooses " 10 big market prise of 2008 China manage year figure " announce in Beijing, the 10 people such as Liang Wengen of president of 31 heavy industry obtain this special honour. This is China of completely current period is opposite first the market prise in capital market manages elite to undertake selection.
"Change the first person " , Liang Wengen of president of 31 heavy industry all the time the value creation actual strength that exert oneself increases a company and promotion investor are right the confidence of the company, make company market prise from fifty-six billion five hundred and eighty-four million yuan when change to go up 3.986 billion yuan first to the end of 2007, turned over 14 times. Other have the honor to win " 10 big market prise of 2008 China manage year figure " be: Country of the State Council endowment appoint be in harmony of director Li Rong, Su Ning is Zhang Jindong of electric equipment president, medium Wang Dongming of president of letter negotiable securities, sea tells negotiable securities president university of Lan Ji of secretary of board of directors of Wang Kaiguo, the bank that enrol business, Tsinghua teachs Zhu Wuxiang.
This second choose by China figure of year of market prise government chooses basis of committee of experts to choose a standard to offer 20 candidate, repass is nominative and voting produce market prise of 15 2008 China to manage person selected of year figure nomination, the masses is accepted to poll in channel of sina net finance and economics finally produced afore-mentioned 10 big market prise finally to manage year figure.

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