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Inc. of machinery of intelligence of Hunan the land of country

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·Inc. of machinery of intelligence of Hunan the land of country (abbreviation " intelligence of the land of country " , stock code 002097) , found on July 29, 1999, it is the high-tech that one family property learns to grind to be united in wedlock appears on the market company, for manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese project machinery well-known company.

·The company registers capital to be 265 million yuan, total assets exceeds 1.2 billion yuan. Employee 1900 much people, record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning person occupy 52% , among them record of formal schooling of above of postdoctoral, doctor, Master person 30 more than person, personnel of technology of of all kinds full-time 200 much people. Have the intelligence of the land of country that covers an area of 235 mus garden of the first industry and the garden of secondary industry of intelligence of the land of country that cover an area of 200 mus, wholy-owned control a limited company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of the land of country that do not have stannum.

·Since the company founds, hold to " cultivate one's morality manages line of business, the powerful nation that promote look forward to " core concept, be in a company father, president, medium south college professor, of doctoral student adviser Mr He Qinghua guide below, be in stage by stage " profit of own research and development, seed is made, sincere letter is managed " the respect is built compare a dominant position, form oneself core competition ability. Since intelligence of the land of country holds water oneself with year the high speed of 70% above grows compound increase rate. Use 8 years of time only, the has own intellectual property high-powered, high quality project that is versed in in large stake equipment of mechanical, small-sized project machine, contemporary drilling succeeds to give out a few norms in equipment of 3 large category is mechanical product, occupy position of brand of domestic a gleam of firmly. The company is built by primitive innovation, compositive innovation, open innovation, innovate continuously technical innovation system of composition, patent of taking several decathlon country makes company product distinguishing feature outstanding, function promotion. Product user pervades countrywide each district, and batch exports nearly more than 40 countries such as Europe, Oceanian, North America, southeast Asia and area.

·The company fastens home's largest stake to be versed in machinery produces a business, china " 863 " high-tech plans industrial base, the company already passed health of profession of guarantee system of environment of Iso9001 certificate of quality, Iso14001, Ohsas18001 the attestation of safe guarantee system and product Ce; Company brand is judged to be Chinese well-known logo; Become " Forbes " 2006, 2007 China have development latent capacity most enterprise of 100 a list of names posted up. In September 2006, when Wu Yi of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council surveys a company, the own innovation ability to company of intelligence of the land of country, international trade and international project collaboration, produce learn research and development to exhibited mode to offer height affirmation.
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