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Changsha black King Kong is industrial limited company

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Changsha black King Kong is industrial limited company is Chinese major be engaged in rock drilling machine and pneumatic tool considering as famous as what make civilian battalion enterprise. The company has rich scientific research and manufacturing experience, use the most high grade raw material, pass what produce craft and rigor advancedly to detect method, production gives performance the product with admirable, excellent quality. "Hei Jingang " because quality stability, performance is good and card drilling tool is popular the whole nation, and batch exports the 20 many nations such as the United States, France, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, get user reputably. The company is located in birthplace of thunder sharp edge, Hunan visits a town, cover an area of 15000 square metre, manufacturer room 3500 square metre, employee 150 much people, have the complete set equipment that produces rock drilling machine and pneumatic tool. Design by oneself and make following products: China's most advanced Gao Feng presses Qian Kongchong to attack implement; All sorts of Qian Kongzuan heads; Use at the prejudicial drilling rig that takes with tubal getting in enclothing terrane and inattentive terrane; All sorts of whorl broach; Drill rod end and connection are covered; All sorts of couplet connect, get canal and fittings of rock drilling machine to wait. The product that these products can produce with the world-renowned production company such as Atelasi, Yinggesuolan, Shanteweike is covered suitably, apply extensively at the building site such as project of project of cubic metro of earth and stone, mine mine, well and construction project. Face future, we " Hei Jingang " the tradition that the person will hold to excelsior, development enterprising as always, with more high grade product, more reasonable price, provide the complete sincerity service to the letter well and truly to broad user, make broad user achieves optimal beneficial result thereby. We believe, our effort can let a lot of people need us!

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