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Heibei gets drilling machine newly- - one of businesses of mainstay of machine o

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Heibei gets borer limited company newly (factory of borer of Heibei province new river) one of businesses of mainstay of machine of project of department China picket, built a plant 1971, state-owned 1996 asset is exited, by in-house worker contributive change make for finite liability company. Come 36 years, accumulative total to home, outside group of cliff earth engineering offers nearly 10 thousand " get a card newly " project drilling machine. The enterprise covers an area of a face to accumulate 60 thousand square metre. Floor area 30 thousand square metre, main production facilities more than 200 (cover) , have the capacity that produces per year product of machine of project of 400 of all kinds picket. Existing worker 300 more than person, 30% what project technology personnel holds worker sum total, teach class senior engineer among them 1 person, senior engineer 8 people, intermediate title 41 people, primary title 50 people.
The machine of series picket project that company development produces shares 10 old series 30 many breed, borer of drilling machine of project of dive of main series having Kq, long helix of walking of Klb hydraulic pressure, Dzb is muti_function diaphragm wall of borer, underground becomes groovy machine, circumgyrate to fight the product such as water conservancy project of machine of picket of series of type borer, Cfg, headstock gear, gate; Apply extensively at civil engineering, municipal the fundamental construction that installs a project with the building. Can satisfy dock of highway, railroad, bridge, industry and civil building, harbour, dikes and dams to prevent ooze to wait for the need of fundamental construction. Have efficiency tall, without oscillatory, specific power consumption low, noise is little, spend advanced technology character into Kong Chuizhi, the diameter that become hole 300
, 3000 millimeter, the deepness that become hole 0, 100 meters. The product is sold to home 30 save city municipality, 8 areas mix export country. Finish big bridge of highway of Zhengzhou Yellow River early or late, the country such as foundation of place of Olympic Games of railroad of wide deep accurate high speed, green silver-colored high speed, Wu An, haing big Gao Tie, 2008 Beijing is on standard major project 1000 high, yi Cengcan and the project of the Daniya in Nepalese, sri lanka, wool, India, Sudan, Ethiopia, country such as Russia.

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