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Buccal city announce turns Home Zhang 100 million mechanical limited company

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Buccal city announce turns Home Zhang 100 million mechanical limited company, it is production production rock drilling machine, go the professional manufacturer of aperture machinery, borer, drilling tool. Outside removing the product that produces series of standard, still can design production blame mark and want a product especially. The company has mature manufacturing technology, advanced quality runs system and administrative software, made sure the product of the company is stabilized with quality then, praise with the whole nation.
The company always is pursued " sincere letter is this, the service is consummate " management concept. The service tenet of the company is " solid dozen of real commitment, the service with close heart " offer for the client complete member, whole process, all-around, round-the-clock service, the satisfaction that invites a client spends the highest target that becomes a company. Before welcoming domestic and international travelling merchant sincerely, will make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot order goods.
Because the company holds to with " sincere letter is first, abide by the law for this " do business purpose the product base oneself upon with high quality, rely on good service to win a heart, appeared guest of wide action the world, money gets together the auspicious situation that all directions comes to, the company will found as always oneself brand, famous brand. Make due contribution to revitalize ethical industry.
Company new-style product: ZDG series is pounded implement the new-style high wind pressure that is development is pounded without a powerful person implement, it is former Xuan Huaying president of case Suo Lan holds general manager Cui Zhaosong concurrently (total industry) carry a few former announce to change senior engineer of excavate machinery plant, the research via 5 years many will " efficient and energy-saving " the advanced concussion that concept of green environmental protection blends in design foundation implement. Its are main the characteristic is as follows:

1. used theory of contemporary and newest drilling to design concussion implement in-house orgnaization dimension, make pound implement obtain optimal energy to deliver, accordingly, ZCG series is pounded implement can improve aperture efficiency effectively, reduce bore cost;

2. used the most high grade raw material and the most advanced treatment technology, accordingly, ZCG series is pounded implement performance is steady, life is long, all components all can trouble-free replace;

3. used the simplest and reliable inner structure, accordingly, ZCG series is pounded implement trouble is little, maintenance is convenient;

The connect before 4. used bull whorl and coat provide link, accordingly, ZCG series is pounded implement disassemble broach is easy, shorten auxiliary time;

Before 5. , hind contact can be pulled especially with Swedish A this the drill pipe of newest production of company of company and Suo Lan of American flower case and broach close suitably, convenient user chooses.
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