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Inorganic kind] produce the name of an article to call alias structural formula arsenic acid arsenic acid, former arsenic acid H3AsO4 · 1/2H2O 3 elixir HgO crosses mercury of oxidation of CO2 of anhydride of carbonic acid of of carbon dioxide of anhydride SO2 of sulphurous acid of 2 oxidation sulfur, dry ice 2 baryta BaO2 crosses baryta magnesian 2 magnesian

[Organic kind] structural formula of product name nickname bromic Dai Zhengxin of C3F8 of propylene of complete fluorine of 6 fluorine propylene bromic propane of C8H17Br 2- of octane of bromine of alkyl Xin Ji, 1- bromine is bromic C3H7Br 1- of Dai Yi propane is bromic - semmetry of 2- chloric ethane is bromic chloric ethane C2H4CIBr

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